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S&P 500 Quarterly Chart Review, 1st Quarter of 2018

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Here is our S&P 500 Review for the 1st Quarter, 2018. In this training, we review the quarterly chart and see where our longest-term trend stands. If you are interested in long-term investing, studying and understanding the quarterly chart is a must.

If your browser is not displaying the embedded QUARTERLY CHART REVIEW VIDEO, click here.

We have ended the first quarter of 2018. Price movement in the S&P 500 appears to be slowing. The Price Percent Oscillator is flat. The Derivative Oscillator has slowed in its up movement. We see no true warning signs at this time, but caution is warranted.

You only need to study the quarterly chart four times a year to learn the big picture of where the economy stands and what the smart money is doing!

Here’s the link to our initial Quarterly Chart training: http://bit.ly/sp500quarterly.

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Enjoy the training and send us your questions at CW@ChartingWealth.com.

DISCLAIMER: We offer NO stock trading advice and make NO claims to expertise of any kind. This site is dedicated to knowledge and education through our stock chart reviews and other information — nothing more.

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